An Amazon subcontractor closes in the department, a hundred employees on the floor

The employees felt it coming for a few months, it is now recorded. Fast Despatch Logistics, a subcontractor of the American e-commerce giant Amazon, is closing its doors for good. In an internal memo, revealed by West Francethe manager Gurvinder Birk announces to his employees that the company “has not been able to cope with the difficulties she is currently going through“.

In Marseille and Bouc-Bel-Air, Fast Despatch employs more than a hundred people who travel the roads to deliver packages. Delivery drivers will be able to stay at home while receiving their salaries. But for the time being, they have not received any information on their future. “We don’t trust the management, they do anything“, confides one of them contacted by Marsactu. “It feels like they want us to quit“, says another.

Since June, around twenty employees of the Marseille depot have been using their right of withdrawal. They denounce a delay in the payment of their wages and the failing state of their trucks.

Source: West-France

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