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an Iraqi-Kurdish network of smugglers to Britain shut down in the north

Six members of an Iraqi-Kurdish network of migrant smugglers to Britain, whose earnings were estimated at more than €1.6 million, were arrested. They were presented to the Douai public prosecutor’s office on Friday, October 21.

Boats, engines, life jackets… An Iraqi-Kurdish network of cross-channel migrant smugglers was dismantled this week and a large amount of equipment seized. Six people were arrested. The earnings for the sector are estimated at more than 1.6 million euros.

The investigation, which was opened at the end of July, started from “British Intelligence” allows for identification “delivery of nautical equipment from Turkey” to a warehouse in Douai (north), explained Jean Arvieu, deputy head of Ocriest, the central office specializing in the fight against irregular immigration.

Long technical and physical monitoring “highlighted the existence of a structure” suggests “boats, engines, life jackets, pumps and nurses (fuel tanks, ed. note)” according to the needs of the criminal groups that organize the crossings to the English Channel, most often from Oye-Plage, specified the commissioner.

Among the members of the sector arrested on Tuesday 18 October and Thursday 20 October by Ocriest and the Mobile Research Brigade (BMR) in Lille are three Iraqis, a Sudanese, an Afghan and a French, all residing in northern France . .

The network was organized with a manager, an employee and four deliverers of boats or migrants.

In total, 32 crossing attempts were recorded – all aborted thanks to the study – at a rate of 35 individuals per second. boat and 1,500 euros per migrant, a gain of 1.68 million euros.

Four boats, four engines, 133 life jackets and a repair kit were seized during the search.

The six arrested were presented to the Douai prosecutor’s office on Friday, October 21.



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