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Anniversary canopy: The French ambassador will plant an oak tree in Kensington Gardens

The time for tributes to Elizabeth II is not over yet. In a press release, the French Embassy in the UK announces that Hélène Duchêne, French Ambassador to the UK will visit Kensington Gardens on 25 November to plant an oak tree in memory of the late Queen and her Jubilee.

The French ambassador to the UK, Hélène Duchêne, will plant an oak tree in Kensington Gardens on Friday 25 November 2022 at 11 a.m., as the French Embassy specifies in a press release: ” This gesture will allow France to be associated with the tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II and will provide the ultimate testimony of the French contribution to the celebration of her platinum jubilee. “.

France continues its tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

The planting of this tree is part of the royal initiative of “Jubilee Canopy”, which invites the British to plant a tree in honor of the Queen’s jubilee. This ceremony, both symbolic and ecological, emphasizes France’s attachment to the memory of the late Queen as well as the solidity of Franco-British relations. During this year 2022, France was keen to show its support and friendship to the Royal Family and the British people by participating in the tributes to the late Queen. Ahead of the official platinum jubilee celebrations, on 6 February 2022, on the occasion of the anniversary of the late Queen’s accession to the throne, a royal Malus apple tree from Normandy was also planted in the garden of the residence. London “, also remembers the press release. Thus, among other tributes and celebrations, France has continued throughout 2022, and still continues, to commemorate the one whose reign was the longest in the United Kingdom and one of the longest in Europe.



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