Apple, Facebook or Amazon… how Microsoft wants to become the friend of all the giants

Microsoft has announced that iCloud Photos, Apple Music and Apple TV services will be available with Windows 11. A news that clearly shows the desire of the company founded by Bill Gates to join forces with all the major players in the sector.

It’s another move by Microsoft against its direct competitors. At its annual conference, largely dedicated to its Surface product line, the company also showcased its new software releases. And hidden Apple fans are likely to be won over: iCloud Photos, Apple Music and Apple TV will now be available on Windows products.

A step by step mission

Seeing Microsoft restore software from its competitors is not unique. For two years now, Xbox users have been able to use Apple TV. Since the conference, Apple Music is also available on the video game console. As for computers and other Windows products, we’ll have to wait a few more months before we can take advantage of Apple’s music and TV interfaces.

For several decades now, Microsoft and Apple have been committed to developing products and technologies together, most notably a cross-licensing agreement signed in 1997. This agreement then enabled Apple to save itself from bankruptcy. In turn, the late Internet Explorer became the default browser for Apple’s operating system.

Microsoft is also meddling in the competition

Microsoft’s goal is ultimately quite simple and laudable: to see and understand what users need. If the software already exists, Microsoft will provide the necessary device. And vice versa, if the device is already powerful, then Microsoft will offer its services in the form of software.

In this way, Microsoft has managed to become allies of all the giants in the sector. Apple, on the one hand, by offering users of the Apple brand its entire range of Office software (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, etc.). But also Facebook, which announced at its Meta conference that a collaboration with Microsoft had just been concluded. The two multinational companies have teamed up to make Windows, Office and Xbox available in the metaverse. For example, it will soon be possible to present a meeting about Teams in virtual reality.

Amazon is also not to be outdone, as their Kindle e-reader now allows you to recover Word documents to turn them into e-books. In the end, it seems that the name Microsoft is on everyone’s lips, at all conferences, but especially on all devices.

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