Apple’s market capitalization has exceeded that of Meta, Amazon and Alphabet combined

At the close of business on Wednesday, November 2, Apple’s market capitalization was $2.307 trillion. The capitalization of Meta, Amazon and Alphabet (Google’s parent company) was a combined $2.306 trillion.

Overall, stocks of major tech companies fell sharply last week after disappointing quarterly results. But compared to other digital giants, Apple is doing better.

At the stock market close on Wednesday, November 2, the manufacturer of the iPhone smartphone series registered a market capitalization of up to $2.307 trillionaccording to data from Yahoo Finance.

Thus he has far outpacing Meta, Amazon and Alphabet (parent company of Google) whose capitalizations together amounted to only 2.306 trillion dollars.

Alphabet’s market cap at last Wednesday’s close was $1.126 trillion, Amazon’s had reached $939.78 trillion, while Meta’s market cap was $240.07 trillion.

Over five sessions, Apple’s stock has increase with 0.16%, while Alphabet, Amazon and Meta have fallwith 5.7%, 17% and 7.6% respectively.

8 November 2022 at 14.07.

Changed November 8, 2022 at 14.07.

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