April Moto offers Liberty Rider subscription

The premium subscription to the mobile application for policyholders

Fall detection, emergency calls, route sharing, motorcycle GPS…

In the summer of 2016, motorcyclists saw a new mobile app appear on their smartphones that offers to accompany them on their journeys to improve their safety: Liberty Rider.

The application has been a real success and has seen its community grow over the years with developments regularly adding new features.

Today, Liberty Rider intervenes in three main areas: society, safety and navigation. The application has been transformed into a motorcycle GPS and allows you to share your journeys live with your loved ones, is able to detect falls and call for help, trigger alarms for dangerous turns, remind you of interviews, but also to take advantage of good plans and hundreds of walks.

But to take advantage of all the features, you need to subscribe to a premium subscription worth 9.99 euros per month. Good news for motorcyclists, Liberty Rider is expanding its partnerships and is now working with April Moto to allow all policyholders to benefit from a free premium plan. This premium status also allows you to multiply your Flooz earnings, a virtual currency that you earn while driving and which allows you to buy goodies and other discount codes from the application’s various partners.

To take advantage of the offer, you must first have a current motorcycle insurance contract with April Moto, sign up for the application if you haven’t already, enter your number plate and select April as her insurance company. This offer can be activated at any time, whether at the time of subscription to the contract or during it.

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