Arctic’s new thermal paste is unveiled on Amazon!

The MX-5 ofarctic will have had an ultra-short lifespan, a few months at most. The reason behind this premature stop? Hard to say, however, last we heard of it was a problem. mixing between the different components of the dough. Between two, this model was stopped and now gives way to the MX-6 !

MX-6 : the new dougharctic visible on Amazon !

For the moment, difficult to say too much about this new generation of pasta signed arctic. However, we can already see it on Amazon where the 4g syringe is displayed at €28.75. Nevertheless, do not start to panic, it is certainly a place holder. Moreover, stocks are non-existent, and the 2g syringe is at the same price as the 4g one, which supports this hypothesis.

Be that as it may, we know that we will find at least two packaging: in 2g and 4g syringes. Hopefully larger quantities will be marketed as 8g or 20g syringes for those applying whole spreads of paste.

All that remains now is to know the characteristics of this new generation of pasta… As well as the final price. Likewise, fingers crossed that the brand manages to offer us a stable formula this time around.

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