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“Argentina, 1985”, the film about the end of the dictatorship that rocked Argentina

Since the Nuremberg Trials, no country had dared to put its dictatorship on trial. Until Argentina, in 1985″, sings the event movie trailer. Directed by Santiago Miter, Argentina, 1985 is not a documentary, but the events it narrates really happened, its characters existed, and they changed the face of the country’s history.

At the time, Argentina was waking up from a seven-year nightmare: the last military dictatorship (1976-1983), whose ruling junta was particularly violent and inhumane.
In 1985, the nascent democracy was still fragile and the military continued to concentrate much power. The feature film depicts what has been called “the trial of the junta”: the trial of the dictatorship’s main figures, including Jorge Rafael Videla, Emilio Eduardo Massera and Roberto Eduardo Viola.

“By accurately recreating the climate of the time, Argentina, 1985 restores the enormous pressure that the two prosecutors, Julio Strassera, had to bear [incarné par la star argentine Ricardo Darín] and Luis Moreno Ocampo, and the rest of their very young team”, tells the agency telam.

“Their titanic task: to demonstrate it [la junte militaire au pouvoir] systematically resorted to torture, enforced disappearance of people, appropriation of babies and summary executions.”

A film about democracy

The Argentine press is almost unanimous in celebrating director Santiago Miter’s balancing act (Little flower, El Presidente, Paulina…). The nation certainly admits it “The story is known: the rawness of the testimonies, the pressure, the difficulties and then this last prayer: ‘Sir.



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