Austerity in Britain, drama of Puisseguin… The 5 news you want to hear about tomorrow

1. Austerity budget in the UK

With higher taxes and drastic cuts in government spending, the budget will be unveiled tomorrow by the UK Chancellor will sign the return of austerity in the United Kingdom. Jeremy Hunt kept saying he would go “very difficult decisions”. It must be said that with inflation at 11% over the year in October and unemployment rising again at the end of September at 3.6%, the economic situation is fragile. Above all, the new Chancellor of the Exchequer in Rishi Sunak’s government must repair the damage that former Prime Minister Liz Truss announced in September about the “mini budget”. The planned tax relief and the massive support planned to cope with the explosion of energy bills had then panic in the markets and caused the British pound to dive. While this new budget threatens to lead to a deep recession next year, the government has promised that the poorest will be taxed less.
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2. Verdict in the MH17 case

After two years of hearings and more than eight years after the facts, the judges at the court in Schiphol in the Netherlands deliver their verdict tomorrow to condemn in their absence the four alleged perpetrators, Russian and Ukrainian, responsible for the missile launch that shot down the Boeing 777 in Ukrainian skies connecting flight MH17 between Amsterdam and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.
The BUK missile that pulverized the plane and its 298 passengers was brought from a Russian barracks to the territory of Donbass and shot, according to the Dutch prosecutor’s team in charge of the investigation, under the supervision of Igor Girkin, a former FSB colonel dealing with the security and defense of the self-proclaimed Republic of Donetsk, and his deputy, Sergei Dubinskiy, a former GRU -officer, head of the oblast’s intelligence services. A third Russian denies taking part in this sequence and was represented by lawyers. The fourth man is a Ukrainian separatist who allegedly took his orders from Dubinskiy.
This ruling comes as Russia was accused for a few hours of firing a missile yesterday at Polish territory, but which the Ministry of Defense in Warsaw now believes came from Ukraine, an anti-aircraft S300 that allegedly targeted a Russian missile in its border region and fell on Polish soil.

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3. The Puisseguin drama under appeal

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The memorial to the victims of the accident in Puisseguin (Gironde), one year later in 2016.

(Georges Gobet/AFP)

On October 23, 2015 a truck and a bus had collided on the roads of the Gironde in Puisseguin. The accident resulted in the death of 43 people, the vast majority of elderly people who went on excursions in BĂ©arn. In light of the number of victims, this bus accident was worst in thirty years. Tomorrow and Friday, the Bordeaux Court of Appeal will hear the appeal of the civil parties and the prosecution, following the dismissal given last year by the court. According to the magistrate, only the truck driver could be implicated. However, he died in the accident, which ends the trial. However, the civil parties request that a trial be held.

4. New strike day in the professional way

At the request of a very large intermediate association, staff from progymnasier should mobilize again tomorrow against the reform planned for the start of the 2023 school year. Emmanuel Macron has already indicated the main lines: development of internships by at least 50%, more teachers from the professional world, better adaptation to the world of work, revision of the education map…

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The unions are concerned about this announced transformation of the professional path (which trains almost every third high school student), to refuse one “reduction of general and professional education hours, the resulting cuts, loss of the national timetable framework and a revision of the education card” exclusively through the prism of corporate interests. Many prefer to boycott the working groups tasked with thinking about it. On October 18, during the previous mobilization, the number of strikers was about 23% according to the ministry, 62% according to the unions.

5. D-day for the Olympics?

After two postponements, OL Groupe, the holding company that oversees football club Olympique Lyonnais, is to be sold tomorrow to billionaire John Textor. In any case, this is the deadline set last month, the time to allow the American and his partners to complete the procedure. Optimism would be in order, but caution is necessary given the twists and turns in this case. Through Eagle Football Holdings LLC, Textor will eventually acquire nearly 67% of the shares. This change of ownership would mark a historical turning point forOlympique, the biggest French club in the 2000s, has lost ground in recent seasons. Jean-Michel Aulas, who took control of it in 1987, is to remain anyway “at least three years” as chairman to ensure the operational management of the club.

It makes us happy: Cut the balloons to save energy

In October, Enedis, the operator of the French electricity grid, took the decision to close private hot water tanks between, to move the heat during the night. An energy-saving measure that should last until April 15, to prevent possible cuts this winter. At France Bleu, Thierry Sudret, operations and systems manager at Enedis, this morning took stock of this measure, which he describes as “great achievement “. According to him, she allowed save 2.4 gigawatts of power, equivalent to the consumption of 2.4 million French people. ” VSis more than the consumption of Paris”, he rejoiced. As I remember it “People always want hot water” and that it is also possible to force the heating at these times if the tank is ever empty.

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