To the stigmatization of job seekers, let’s prefer a universal and protective unemployment insurance! – Liberation

GRANDSTAND Article reserved for subscribers While the government is preparing to further tighten the rules, another reform of unemployment insurance is possible, say parliamentarians from Nupes. We must return to its original philosophy: open up rights to compensation from the first day of job loss, without a waiting period, fight against the non-use of the … Read more

The Simply One fryer is 35% off on Amazon

The Simply One deep fryer is the secret to good, fat-free home fries, ready in minutes. Practical and easy to use, taste light fries without missing the cooking. Simply One fryer at Amazon: a perfect device for making your frying With the Simply One fryer, bring crispness to your cooking recipes: fries, donuts, spring rolls, … Read more

Amazon Gets Scammed By 4 New York Brothers Who Stole $19 Million In 2 Years From Jeff Bezos’ Company

It’s not uncommon for scams to happen on the internet, but successfully scamming Amazon is top notch. And yet Jeff Bezos’ company was robbed of 19 million euros by four brothers from New York. A well-honed strategy that the siblings had taken the time to think about. Thanks to the “Vendor Central” system, companies can … Read more

Hilbert IS launches its PER and bets on ETFs

Hilbert Investment Solutions announces the launch of its first banking retirement savings plan (PER). Baptized “Hilbert PER Protect 90», the company specializing in structured products intends to base its investments mainly on ETFs. The product stands out in particular for its level of capital guarantee established at 90% of the contributions and made possible in … Read more

California court launches anti-trust action against Amazon

In the United States, a Californian prosecutor accuses Amazon of distorting competition, forcing sellers to use its marketplace exclusively, and prohibiting them from offering their products cheaper on other platforms. After the European Union, California. Amazon was already in the sights of European justice, for anti-competitive practices, via two ongoing investigations. California attorney general files … Read more

Finally insurance against bed bugs

Nearly 31 million French people have been confronted with pests at home since 2016*, the French company brings its expertise to help many people get rid of pests permanently. The 3 keys to success: expert advice, appropriate treatment and serious professionals Historically, accompanies individuals and professionals to find the treatment against pests that … Read more