Auto-entrepreneur insurance: what are the obligations?

Insurance obligation for certain professions

You cannot exercise certain trades without being insured. These professions are often those that require a diploma or experience to be able to settle. There are also certain regulated professions, often governed by orders.

Construction trades

Auto-entrepreneurs who exercise a profession in the building and public works are subject to the obligation of ten-year insurance.

Regulated professions

Whether health professionals (doctors, nurses, etc.) or liberal professions such as lawyers, accountants, general insurance agents, real estate agents, but also automotive professionals , carriers (of passengers and goods), travel agencies and organizers of sports activities, all are required to take out an insurance contract guaranteeing their professional civil liability.

Good to know : To find out if he is subject to an insurance obligation, any professional starting an activity should consult, depending on the case, his order or his professional federation, or even the Chamber of Commerce or Trades.

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Insurance for professionals not subject to the RC insurance obligation

Whatever the activity carried out, all professionals have an interest in taking out a contract covering their professional civil liability; a fortiori if he exercises in his own name since in this case his civil liability is unlimited and he will have to answer on his personal property for any damage caused in the exercise of his profession.

Professional multi-risk contract

If the insurance of its professional civil liability is strongly recommended, it is not the only guarantee recommended to auto-entrepreneurs. Like any other professional, the auto-entrepreneur will have an interest in subscribing to this type of contract which, articulated around professional civil liability, will also cover many other risks.

Professional premises

Whether it is a practice, an office, a workshop, a business (store, cold room, reserve, etc.), a warehouse, etc., all professional premises whose he is the owner or tenant (rental risks vis-à-vis the owner as well as the recourse of neighbors and third parties) will be covered.

Goods and professional equipment

This contract covers the professional content, namely the equipment, furniture, goods and stock of various products necessary for the activity.

Extensive coverage

Like the Multi-risk Home policy reserved for private occupants, the professional multi-risk policy covers:

  • against the risks of fire and related risks (explosion, lightning, etc.), water damage, electrical damage, climatic events (storm, hail, heavy snow, etc.), theft and attempted theft, vandalism, breakage windows, showcases and signs;
  • the guarantee of computer equipment against breakage, but also in the event of infection or hacking of the system and in particular the costs of restoring data;
  • legal protection, but also financial protection such as the guarantee for loss of market value of the goodwill or operating losses after disaster will be offered as an option.

These multi-risk contracts are sometimes even specialized and adapted to the specific needs of each large family of activities (health professionals, catering trades, automotive professionals, etc.)

Good to know: depending on the activity carried out, other more specific guarantees may sometimes be offered.

The other risks of the auto-entrepreneur to be guaranteed

Head of business, the auto-entrepreneur must protect himself against certain risks inherent in his status less protective than that of employee (from which he often benefited before). This will lead him to take out new contracts or to modify those in progress when his status changes.

Insurance of the vehicle used in a professional capacity

Whether it is a specific vehicle (for example, the van of a craftsman or tradesman) or the personal vehicle which is also used for professional use (car of a liberal nurse for example), it is advisable to Declare professional use to your insurer.

Mutual health insurance

Previously insured as well as his dependents by the collective contract of his employer, the new independent professional that is the auto-entrepreneur must now adhere to a mutual or complementary health insurance reserved for self-employed workers.


No more coverage of lost wages following a work stoppage following an illness or accident by the general social security system (and the collective agreement of the professional branch). The auto-entrepreneur must now take out insurance to protect himself and his family in the event of an accident or illness affecting his activity. An accident or illness can put you in great financial difficulty. The subscription of cover in the event of death, disability or prolonged absence from work is strongly recommended.

Good to know: as a non-salaried worker, the auto-entrepreneur benefits from the tax advantage provided for by the Madelin law in terms of mutual health and welfare contributions.

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