Banking and insurance comparators aware of regulatory issues

Julien Fillaud is re-elected as president of the Group of Insurance and Banking Comparators (GCAB). GCAB is a professional association that brings together the most important players in the comparison of everyday financial products and services.

Communicate best practices for comparators

In 2023, the GCAB announces that it will communicate with the market through aggregated data as well as regular publications on the know-how and best practices of insurance comparators and banks. This is to highlight the quality of member service and attention to regulatory issues. Julien Fillaud was unanimously re-elected as chairman for a third term at the ordinary general meeting. He must continue the work done. Julien Fillaud is the managing director of the Comparadise group.

Comparators are important market players. GCAB has become a legitimate interlocutor for public authorities and professional organizations in the sector Considering Julien Fillaud. In 2022, the group worked on the broker reform by helping to found the self-regulatory association Endya. ” We have accepted our responsibility by engaging in this association with the union’s main unions. We represent the distinctive features of comparators and more broadly for Insurtechs, says Julien Fillaud.

The comparison sector appears to be united

Our togetherness is a great strength says Julien Fillaud. The board of GCAB also includes Samuel Bansard, chairman of BestRatesInsurance (Meilleurs group); Itzal Arbide CEO of; Cédric Ménager, CEO of Ferrets; Loïc Gourlaquen, Managing Director of; Eric Cholet, CEO of Marketshot ( ; Benoît Lassara, President of and Ludovic Herschlikovitz, CEO of

The Group of Comparators in Insurance and Banking (GCAB) is an association created in 2015 to bring together digital players in the comparison of financial products, insurance, credit, investments, accounts and banking services. He is the interlocutor for the other actors within banking and insurance and the public authorities.
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