be well insured at the best price

To know if you have to be insured if you ride a bicycle, it all depends on the type of bicycle you use. Without electric assistance, insurance is not compulsory, but you must repair the damage you cause to others, if you hit a pedestrian, for example, you can take out civil liability cover. It is often included in multi-risk home insurance.

You don’t have to pay anything more, but you must declare your bike to your insurer when you buy it. If your bike is electric, everything depends on the power of your bike, insurance is not compulsory if its power does not exceed 250 watts and if its speed does not go beyond 25km/h. Above these thresholds, your bike is assimilated to a motorcycle and there, you must have insurance that you must take out with a company or a broker: most companies have specific offers. And as always, the best is to ask for quotes, to compare the services and the costs. The rates are quite large, it can range from a few hundred euros per year to 300 euros. Also pay attention to the exclusions, depending on the damage, the age of your bike, etc.

Electric bikes are very popular so it is obviously recommended. The insurance included in a multi-risk home contract will only work if you have done what is necessary, which means having securely attached your bike – sometimes you must have approved locks specified in a specific list, you may be asked to engrave your bike, etc

Insurance only for theft varies depending on the model, if it’s a basic city bike we find three euros per month, for an electric it can range from five to 50 euros per month, and if it’s a very high-end model is even more expensive. Some brands like Decathlon, which is one of the biggest bike sellers, offer insurance when you buy a model from them. Anyway, check the deductible that will be applied to you in the event of theft or breakage, and the rate of obsolescence of the bike, ie its value compared to its new amount.

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