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Benoît Cheyrou (Amazon Prime): “It’s a great confirmation for LOSC”

After Lille’s fine victory in Alsace this Friday (3-0), the consultants land from Amazon Prime returned to Mastiff’s achievements.

For former professional player Jimmy Briand, LOSC showed seriousness and championship to overcome Strasbourg. The former Guingamp player was particularly won over by the performances of Jonathan David and Rémy Cabella: “It was a match that was mastered by LOSC. In the first half it was like the match against Lens. And in the second, they stepped up. We can say it more generally, it is the emergence of LOSC since the Lens match , there was a click. Jonathan David is the healthy man. He has been in good form since the start of the season. He showed a lot of composure on the penalty kick in the first period, and on his second goal he is very well positioned behind the central. We think it is easy, but it is his movement that makes this goal easy. It is also necessary to emphasize the very good work of Timothy Weah, on the second as on the third goal. In the second period, Rémy Cabella had this ability to finding himself between the lines and making the others play well. He also projected himself to finish actions. For me, that’s number 10 in LOSC, ahead of Angel Gomes.”

Benoit of LOSC in his youth, Benoît Cheyrou is today a consultant for Amazon Prime. The former OM midfielder emphasized the depth of Lille’s squad: “It is a fantastic confirmation for LOSC. The first period was difficult. Strasbourg defended well and the penalty is good for the Mastiffs. They were able to show control in the second period. They tried to take the depth when they could. Matz Sels was crucial. When you see Jonathan David play, you have the impression of a 30-year-old player. It is also useful defensively to recover the balloons. He has real intelligence in his movements. He is doing very well for this team. It’s nice to see him when he’s on the axis. Timothy Weah returns and he is crucial. Rémy Cabella returns and he is very interesting. He was discreet in the first half, but he had more space in the second. There are also a lot of players in the middle, it’s a bit like the heart of this team. We could see it with the entry of the young Baleba at the end of the match. It proves that the workforce is quite impressive. »



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