Benoît Cheyrou (Amazon Prime Video): “There is nothing to worry about for LOSC”

After the meeting between Olympique Lyonnais and LOSC, columnist from Amazon Prime VideoBenoît Cheyrou, returned to the match and Lille’s performance.

The former LOSC player, who went to the northern club with his brother in the 2000s, supported the good copy made by Paulo Fonseca’s players despite the score in favor of Lyon: “There’s nothing to worry about. In the first half they controlled the midfield. It was clear. There was always a free player with Angel Gomes. It forced Thiago Mendes out and Lyon were in an inferior position. By find Angel Gomes more often Lille could have taken more balls into the penalty area and therefore brought even more danger. There was also a good reaction from Lyon in the second period. On some of Jonathan David’s choices we can say if he could not have done better . It’s hard to fault him for the choice of the lob that hits the crossbar. But on certain actions, he sometimes made the wrong choice.”

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