Bicycle insurance, insurance to effectively protect your bicycle

If the bicycle is popular, bicycle insurance is still a bit too marginal today. However, many dedicated offers are appearing within traditional insurance companies or through new players on the market. However, cycle insurance is not random and would be very useful for many cyclists. The number of bicycle thefts and attempted break-ins increases as quickly as the cycle paths fill up. We met Assurances vélo, the offer dedicated to bikes from the MMA group, to find out more about their offer and the levers put in place to convince more people to take the step towards insuring their bike.

Bicycle insurance, insurance for all types of bicycles

Tell us about your solution in a few words

Assurances Vélo provides insurance for all bicycles: E-assisted bicycles, road bikes, mountain bikes, track bikes, etc. against breakage, theft and vandalism in France and abroad.
We have several offers so that our policyholders can choose the cover that best suits their needs and budget.

For a bicycle to be eligible for insurance, it must meet the following conditions:

  • Be less than 3 years old at the time of subscription. It is then possible to insure it as long as the insured wishes.
  • The purchase price must not exceed €12,000
  • The insured must be in possession of the invoice for the purchase of the bicycle

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Why insure your bike?

Bicycles are more and more expensive due to their technicality and the use of more and more sophisticated and light materials for the design.

Buying a bicycle is therefore a real investment for its buyer, but unfortunately its high price also makes it very vulnerable to theft and very expensive repair costs in case of damage, therefore it is important to take out insurance.

Bicycle companies and professionals can also take out insurance

Do you have specific offers dedicated to companies?

For companies, we have tailor-made offers to insure their bicycle fleet.

These offers apply both to bicycle rental companies (short and long-term rentals) and to companies that purchase bicycles to make available to their employees for their private and professional trips.

What about cycling professionals such as couriers or couriers?

As for couriers and redistributors, we have not yet developed an offer because we have very little demand at the moment, but we are considering it.

The essential conditions that must be covered by Cycle Insurance

You recommend certain models of locks, what criteria do you use to choose these locks?

We have simplified the certification criteria for our locks. With us, the only criterion that is valid is the weight:

  • For a U-lock or foldable, it must have a weight greater than or equal to 1.2 kg
  • For a chain lock, the weight must be greater than or equal to 2 kg.

To help our policyholders with their choice, we have also compiled a non-exhaustive list of approved locks on our site.

Are other circumstances also necessary to be reimbursed? The place where you lock your bike? The way to do it?

Our offer covers bikes against theft in all places (public roads, bike racks, homes, etc.) However, there must be a burglary in case of theft for the claim to be covered.
If, for example, the bicycle is parked on a public road, it must be secured with an approved lock to a fixed point.

If it is inside a house in a private place covered with hard and locked, it does not need to attach it to a lock.

Do you also insure parts of the bike? For example, if only the saddle was stolen or a wheel.

Yes, we also partially cover theft of the bike, so theft of the saddle or a wheel on the bike is also covered by the insurance.

Customer support is at the heart of Assurances vélo’s concerns

You pay particular attention to the customer, how does this translate concretely from the first exchanges? How do you support your customers?
And do you check with them that they meet all the conditions to get a refund before you sign the contract?

We know insurance can be complicated. This is why we strive to explain the details of the various offers to our prospects in order to direct them to the offer that best suits their situation.

When registering, we also check all the documents necessary for validating the contract and payment of the claim (invoice for the bicycle, invoice for the approved anti-theft insurance, labeling certificate, etc.).

You also insure bicycles for long-term rental. How does this insurance supplement/complete the insurance that the rental company already offers?

For long-term rentals: in most cases, we insure the rental company’s fleet directly. We take care of the complaint in case of breakage or theft of the bicycle during the rental.

However, it may happen that we insure the tenant. In some cases, the bike is not or only partially insured by the lessor. In this case, we come in addition to the rental company’s insurance. We take care of the part that remains the tenant’s responsibility.

Still too little help and support from cycle insurance

Does the fact that the cycle insurance is not paid for by the employer (especially within the framework of the Sustainable Mobility Package) – or more generally, that there is no assistance in this sense – put a brake on cycle insurance, which is still too little democratised?

Bicycle insurance can seem high because it is not compulsory and there is no risk pooling.

It is, of course, obvious that if employers also bear the costs of insurance, it will be a strong incentive for employees to start cycling. With the enthusiasm around cycling and the incentives from the public sector, we believe that things will change.

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