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Big crush on Amazon! Already a promo on this new Apple Watch 8

Good deal Big crush on Amazon! Already a promo on this new Apple Watch 8

We’ll never stop telling you, but promotions on Apple products don’t run on the streets. Even less so when it comes to a product that has just been released like the Apple Watch Series 8. Yet Amazon still manages to amaze us…

This high-end Apple Watch Series 8 is cheaper on Amazon!

The Apple Store better watch out! In fact, you’d be making a mistake rushing over there to buy a stainless steel Apple Watch 8, as it’s currently in the promo bin at Amazon.

Buy Apple Watch Series 8 (Stainless Steel) on sale for €899 on Amazon

Buy Apple Watch Series 8 (aluminum) for €539 on Amazon

Well, unfortunately it is not a 3-digit campaign, but we expected it, since we are still talking about a high-end product branded Apple. In fact, the Apple Watch Series 8 with stainless steel case goes from €949 to €899 on Amazon in its 45mm version and with the cellular option included.

Released on September 16, 2022, the Apple Watch Series 8 looks to have a very bright future ahead of it, and it still brings some very interesting new features, even if it’s not obvious at first glance. As usual, Apple offers a classic version with an aluminum body, but also a more elaborate version with a much more resistant stainless steel case. Apart from the choice of material for the case, the watch remains the same in both cases. But know that the accompanying bracelet is also made of steel, unlike the classic version, which is content with silicone.

First of all, the Apple Watch Series 8 shows a nice Apple’s typical OLED rectangular screenon which the “always on” function can be displayed, which allows you to consult the information permanently without the screen turning off.

You can wear your connected watch in any situation, even for swimming thanks to it resistance IPX6. It ensures waterproofness up to a depth of 50 metres.

The Apple Watch Series 8 is ideal for athletes thanks to its many sensors: gyroscope, accelerometer, altimeter, etc. You will be able to check your blood oxygen level, measure your heart rate, but also analyze the quality of your sleep. And this new generation brings, in addition to its big sisters, a body temperature sensor. This function allows your Apple Watch to detect risky situations for the user or even, if it is a user, to inform the latter about the status of her menstrual cycle.

The versatile watch also allows you to pay with Apple Pay, locate yourself with the GPS sensor and record your routes, manage your calls, etc.

On the autonomy side, you should count on approximately 24 hours of use. You can then recharge it in less than an hour. Also note that Apple Watch 8 has a new low power mode that extends overall battery life. Obviously, when the battery level of the watch is low, you will be able to use it in an almost normal way and at the same time reduce its consumption.

Buy Apple Watch Series 8 (Stainless Steel) on sale for €899 on Amazon

Buy Apple Watch Series 8 (aluminum) for €539 on Amazon

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