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Age and nationality are all factors that drive up the level of car insurance premiums. Sometimes even dizzyingly, since a young driver of foreign nationality can pay up to CHF 4,682.- more than an older Swiss insured for identical cover.

Every year, the online comparison portal conducts its annual survey of car insurance premiums in Switzerland. To compare the rates, a survey was thus carried out at the beginning of August 2022 with all the main insurers for three different age profiles (18 / 30 / 70 years old). Result: certain characteristics such as age and nationality still and always determine the premium in an extremely important way.

Premium comparison: 18-year-old vs 30-year-old Swiss driver

The age factor alone has a considerable influence on the level of premiums. Thus, a young Swiss driver pays on average 154% more than his eldest for identical coverage with the same insurer. A supplement that can even reach CHF 2,081.- for a full cover.

For simple civil liability (RC), the maximum price difference is 316% (annual premium of CHF 1,665.- compared to CHF 400.-). Within the same insurer, the smallest difference is 93%, which is still equivalent to CHF 387.-.

Premium comparison: Swiss driver aged 30 vs 70

While some insurers penalize seniors by offering considerably higher premiums (supplement of up to 44%), other service providers, on the contrary, offer advantageous rates compared to a 30-year-old driver (differences in premiums reaching -17 %).

Premium comparison: Swiss driver (18 years old) vs Serbian (18 years old)

The nationality parameter also largely determines the price of car insurance. On average, a young driver of Serbian nationality faces a surcharge of 75% compared to an 18-year-old Swiss insured. In the most extreme case, the difference is nearly CHF 3,500.- for a full accidental cover with the same provider.

Within the same insurer, the largest surcharge is 184%. Only Generali offers a practically similar premium, regardless of nationality.

Premium comparison: Serbian (18 years old) vs Swiss (30 years old) driver

When the two characteristics (young driver and foreign nationality) are combined, the premium level then skyrockets. For example, an 18-year-old Serbian driver is sometimes confronted with prices almost 10 times higher than a 30-year-old Swiss driver for the same insurance cover from the same provider.

In figures, this represents differences of up to CHF 4,682.- for a full comprehensive cover. On average, an insured person of Serbian nationality pays 4.5 times more than a 30-year-old Swiss for his car insurance. For a simple RC, the supplement can even reach 889%.

Other factors influencing the level of premiums

Age and nationality are not the only parameters to influence the level of premiums. The driver’s experience, gender, place of residence, number of kilometers traveled, value and model of the vehicle or even the color of the car are other factors that determine the price of auto insurance.

Evolution of car insurance premiums

From month to month and even from week to week, insurers adjust premiums according to competition and analysis of claims compensation, in order to guarantee profitability and competitiveness. This rapid and dynamic adjustment is facilitated by the digitization of the sector and allows each consumer to make considerable savings by comparing car insurance.

With the comparator, it is easy to get an overview of the market and to select the offer that best suits your needs and your finances. This tool is also very popular: there are nearly a million premium calculations each year.

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