Bookinou, the most innovative French start-up of the year for Amazon

The Lyon-based company Bookinou was chosen by Amazon as the most innovative French start-up of the year.

Amazon Launchpad, which supports more than 2,200 start-ups in Europe, has announced the results of its competition. Among the criteria used, design, aesthetics, originality and social, ecological and economic aspects. In addition, start-ups must own their brand, be registered in the European Union, have less than 250 employees and generate a turnover of less than 50 million euros.

The Bookinou concept allows parents to record their voice for a nursery rhyme. Children can listen to an audio story with voices that are familiar to them. This allows children to be accompanied in learning to read while being rocked directly by parents. The object costs 70 euros and is available in many stores including Amazon.

Despite the prize for the best French start-up, the European prize was awarded to a British company, Petit Pli. It offers clothes that stretch and can thus grow with the child. The company won the grand prize of 100,000 euros.



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