Britain electrified by new season of ‘The Crown’

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Released at the beginning of the month, season 5 of

The crownone of the most watched Netflix series in the world, which tells about the reign of Elizabeth II, is causing a stir in the UK.

At Arnaud Laporte’s microphone, Richard Place, correspondent for France Culture in London, tells how much this series is electrifying the country, especially this new season centered on Charles and Diana’s divorce. A particularly incendiary season, so much that concerns Lady Di, still very quickly sets the country on fire. His personality, his story regularly come up in discussions…

A new season released two months after the Queen’s death, which some consider disrespectful, including British actress Judi Dench, who played the monarch herself in the film

The queen by Stephen Frears in 2006, who recently asked in the columns of the Times for a warning before each episode to clarify that it is a work of fiction, this “for the benefit of a family and a nation recently left behind, as a sign out of respect for a sovereign who has served his people so conscientiously for 70 years, and to preserve his reputation in the eyes of his British subscribers”.

Season 5 of the series takes on the early 90s. A more recent period in which some protagonists are still alive and therefore able to complain, according to them, about the treatment accorded, according to them, to their characters and the history of the monarchy. John Major, for example, a former Prime Minister and an important character this season, spoke of “harmful and malicious fiction”. The former Archbishop of Canterbury, who also features in the series, claims the exchange attributed to him with the Queen never took place.

The crown, between interpretation and archival work, has since its creation relaunched the questions surrounding the concept of “fiction inspired by real events”, when the boundaries between romance and historical reality blur, when the imaginary and the real mix.

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