Britain is facing worsening doctor shortages since Brexit

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In 2016, during the Brexit campaign, the British exit camp promised more money National Health Service (NHS), the public hospital. Two years after the effective exit from the EU, the first consequences of Brexit are noticeable and they are quite negative, as the UK is experiencing a shortage of doctors.

With our correspondent in London, Emily Wine

A total of 4,000 doctors and 58,000 nurses have given up coming to work in the UK since Brexit, according to research published by Nuffield Trust, a think tank specializing in healthcare. The number of healthcare professionals who would have settled in the country if pre-Brexit trends had continued is estimated at 62,000. A figure that therefore does not take into account carers who have left the UK.

Speaking according to The Nuffield Trust: administrative procedures, visas and the uncertainty that followed the 2016 vote. The Ministry of Health rejected the study’s conclusions and recalled that the total number of European carers has nevertheless continued to rise since .

Among the specialties most affected by this slowdown: pediatrics, psychiatry, anesthesia and cardiovascular disease. This study comes as public hospital, dependent on foreign labor and already severely slowed by the pandemic, is going through a vocation crisis. Among doctors alone, more than 10,000 positions do not find takers.

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