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Britain wants to prevent asylum applications from migrants crossing the channel

The British government wants to prevent migrants who have crossed the English Channel from applying for asylum in Britain, Home Secretary Suella Braverman said on Tuesday (October 4th). An announcement that was immediately condemned by refugee associations as a violation of international conventions.

“If you enter the UK illegally from a safe country, you must be immediately returned to your home country or relocated to Rwanda where your asylum application will be processed”said the ultra-conservative minister, who received a standing ovation at the Conservative Party congress in Birmingham (central England).

London has made the issue of immigration a priority since Brexit, saying it wants to reduce the number of migrants it takes in. Suella Braverman claimed that there was “too many asylum seekers abuse the system” and who do not serve “needs of the economy”.

More than 33,500 people have made the dangerous crossing of the English Channel since the beginning of the year, one of the busiest sea routes in the world. This figure has been steadily increasing since 2018, despite the promises of successive Conservative governments.

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A “barbaric, misleading and useless” project

M’s messagesme Braverman has been condemned in unison by migrant rights groups, who believe they are a distraction at a time when Britons, the majority in favor of accepting migrants according to opinion polls, are worried about tackling the cost of living crisis.

According to UK Home Office figures, 94% of the approximately 50,000 migrants who arrived in the UK after crossing the English Channel on makeshift boats between January 2018 and June 2022 have applied for asylum; and 86% of those who have since had their application processed have been granted asylum.

Care4Calais founder Clare Mosley struck down a project “barbaric, misleading and useless” and condemned “fake” the government’s rhetoric on the subject. The refugee agency argued that the announcements went against the UN Refugee Convention, which states that a migrant cannot be penalized in their asylum application because of the way they entered the country where he is applying.

As part of its fight against immigration, the government announced this spring that it would deport certain asylum seekers to Rwanda. This policy has so far been blocked by the European Court of Human Rights, which Suella Braverman lamented and urged Britain to “take back control” in front of “a foreign court that endangers our sovereignty”.

The minister also condemned what she described as“abuse” migrants pretending to be victims “modern slavery” – remarks that are also described as lies from the NGOs.

Elsewhere, in another part of her ministerial portfolio, she attacked environmental protesters from the groups Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion, who regularly block traffic in protest against the government’s climate policy:

“The police must have all the necessary powers to stop these demonstrators who are using guerilla techniques and creating chaos. »

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