British student who threw eggs at King Charles III banned from carrying eggs in public

An unexpected punishment. The student who was arrested in Britain on Wednesday for throwing eggs in the direction of King Charles III has been released, but police have banned him from carrying them in public in the future, the Channel Press reported on Thursday. Patrick Thelwell, 23, was arrested by the police on Wednesday morning after this incident in the streets of York in the north of England, where the sovereign was traveling with his wife Camilla.

As the King and Queen shook hands, cheered by Britons who came to greet them, the young environmental activist threw several eggs at Charles, narrowly missing him. Speaks in The mirror, the person claimed that he remained in custody until 10 p.m. and that he was released on the condition that he no longer approach the king and did not carry eggs in public. And to clarify, he was allowed to buy eggs while shopping anyway.


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