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By resigning after 44 days, Liz Truss becomes the shortest-serving Prime Minister in UK history

It is a sad record that the Tories now hold. British Prime Minister Liz Truss announced her departure directly from 10 Downing Street on Thursday 20 October after 44 days in office. She will be the most volatile head of government in the country’s history.

Liz Truss, heir to Thatcherism at the head of the United Kingdom

“Given the situation, I can no longer secure the mandate for which I was elected. I spoke to His Majesty the King to inform him of my resignation as leader of the Conservative Party.”, she explained in front of 10 Downing Street. The new government must be appointed by 28 October at the latest.

The sequel after the ad

Salad instead of Liz Truss

In light of the chaotic start to her tenure, the “Daily Star” bet on the now-former prime minister’s longevity. Since last Friday, the British tabloid has sent a special live, with a (not flattering) picture of the head of the British government Liz Truss and a salad decorated with a wig.

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With this question: which of the salad or the prime minister will reach the expiry date first (knowing that the salad expires on the tenth day). The verdict is in. The salad survived the head of government.

The party’s fourth leader in six years

More unpopular than ever in public opinion, without an economic program after the humiliating rejection of tax cuts and having to sack two of her most important ministers, Liz Truss was confident she would stay put, her maintenance in Downing Street seemed well compromised.

Amid the cost-of-living economic crisis, with millions of Britons suffering from inflation, the Conservative Party is restarting an internal election to find a new leader (the fifth in six years), with the previous one taking place this summer. , after the resignation of Boris Johnson, amid scandals in Downing Street and in the majority.

The sequel after the ad

In the United Kingdom, “it will get worse and worse, this winter there will be deaths! »

Last week she had to part with her Finance Minister Kwasi Kwartengla, whose presentation of “mini budget” in late September, fears of a decline in the public accounts rose and caused the pound to fall to an all-time low. His replacement, Jeremy Hunt, had set out to reverse almost all the tax cuts the Prime Minister had promised.

The Conservative leader had also been battling an increasingly rebellious majority for several days, and the list of parliamentarians demanding her resignation grew by the hour.



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