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cafe charges rude customers more

In this establishment, ordering a chaï without saying “hello” or “please” costs more than twice as much.

With his new menu, he has found a really good way to make his customers smile. The owner of the “Chaii Stop” cafe, located in Preston (UK), has recently created a new pricing scheme, indexed by whether or not customers respect the most basic forms of courtesy.

£5 for “a Desi Chai”, £1.90 for “Hello, a Desi Chai please”

As the Manchester Evening News reports, a sign at the entrance to the establishment now states that ordering “a Desi Chai” costs £5 (€5.74), while “a Desi Chai please” is worth £3 (3.45 Euro). With a “Hello, a Desi Chai please”, the bill even drops to £1.90 (€2.18).

“I think it’s a good reminder of good manners, because sometimes we unfortunately need it,” commented the boss of “Chaii Stop”, Usman Hussain, quoted by local media. up this sign, people are more open and laugh with us For me, the most important thing in my business is that when you walk through the door, the customer should be treated as a welcome guest in our home. It’s nice to see that respect is reciprocated. “

“Many people can be quite rude in the morning”

So far, at least, the boss has never had to use the rate reserved for villains. “If a customer doesn’t use manners, I show them the sign and they immediately ask again more politely,” says Usman Hussain, who says he was inspired by the idea from the manager of an American cafe, who explained on Facebook that having introduced the same rule in its creation.

“Many people can be quite rude when they wake up in the morning, but when they see the sign, it makes them think,” continues the 29-year-old cafe owner. Be rude, but the sign will help let your guard down. It has the effect of breaking the ice and getting them talking, and that’s what we want. Any negativity must be at the door.”

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