calling for witnesses to identify a woman, potentially French, who died in 1975

It’s a mystery that has lasted almost 50 years. In the early morning of 18 February 1975, a young woman was found dead on a road in Baldock, north London, hit by a vehicle whose driver was never found. Since then, his identity remains unknown. Of an estimated age between 17 and 25 years, she could be French, according to recent elements.

On Monday 7 November, the British organization Locate International, which specializes in disappearances, launched a call for witnesses on Monday. The day her body was discovered, this young woman was barefoot, wearing an Afghan coat and jeans, but had no bag or papers. Blonde with hazel eyes, she had a scar on her right leg.

After an earlier call for witnesses, a couple came forward to say they thought they recognised a French student named Odile. David and Barbara Liversedge had taken her in in the early 1970s after meeting her hitchhiking in north London. According to them, she was from the north of the Paris region and often hitchhiked to visit friends in Cornwall, west of England. She had gone to study in Cambridge, a university town in eastern England, in 1973.

“It’s hard not to think about those she’s missed since her disappearance: her family, her friends, everyone she’s met,” Locate International director Dave Grimstead said in a statement. “It’s not too late to tell them what really happened to him.

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