Camilla ends the tradition of the Queen’s “wives-in-waiting”

Queen Consort Camilla announced a historic change to the way the British crown operates on Sunday. His six ladies-in-waiting, or “Ladies-in-waiting”, become the Queen’s attendants.

The new 75-year-old queen wants to modernize the English monarchy, HuffPost reports. Since the Middle Ages, concubines had been responsible for assisting the queen in her administrative duties and the management of her mail and her schedule. These six “Kinder-i-Venter” were paid by the Crown.

More “occasional” responsibilities

The new attendants to the Queen, who will come to replace them, were appointed this Sunday. It concerns six relatives of Queen Camilla, who will mainly have the role of accompanying her during public events and official engagements, which they will help arrange.

This honorary title will therefore involve more “relaxed and informal” tasks, according to the BBC cited by HuffPost. The six companions will not receive a salary, but will be paid for each of their journeys. They will appear with the Queen consort this Tuesday at an event against domestic violence at Buckingham Palace.

For their part, the former ladies-in-waiting will not thank the crown for all that. Renamed Ladies of the Household, they would become assistants to King Charles III and help organize events at Buckingham Palace.

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