Candy Crush – 10 years of success, Microsoft in ambush

It was an instant hit, first on Facebook, with up to four million players already before it exploded on iOS: Candy Crush celebrates its tenth anniversary today! Released in 2012, it is part, along with, for example, GTA V, of the very closed club of video games that continue to experience success and growth ten years after their release.

This is revealed by Activision Blizzard King’s latest quarterly accounts – as we are reminded, the studio that signed candy destruction is owned by ActiBlizz! King, developer of the game, thus shows an increase in its results of 8% compared to last year, growth mainly driven by Candy Crush. A success that Tjodolf Sommestadchairman of King, explains:

“It’s the classic ‘right place, right time.’ We had a great game that came out at a time when gamers were on Facebook and mobile was becoming a big thing. Our cross-platform innovation on that time really helped us, mobile gamers fed Facebook gamers and Facebook gamers fed mobile gamers. Everyone at the time was on Facebook sharing these experiences. And I think above all it was a great game.” – excerpt from an interview with, translated by the editors.

So regarding Microsoft’s proposed takeover of Activision-Blizzard-King, if all the attention from gamers and the press is focused on the possibility of making Call of Duty an Xbox exclusive, maybe the big fish is somewhere else… With the purchase of King and therefore of Candy Crush, Microsoft offers itself a leading position in the mobile gaming sector, the most profitable sector and the one with the greatest progress. The industry isn’t wrong, and has multiplied its gestures toward mobile in recent months: EA bought Glu Mobile and Playdemic, Take Two bought Zynga (for $12.7 billion, anyway!), and even Sony bought Savage Game Studios this year, a young studio with a focus on mobile games and formed by alumni from Rockstar or Rovio.

Mobile, Microsoft’s next priority? After bringing Game Pass to phones via the cloud, the American would prepare an AppStore-style digital store, according to a series of documents filled out for the US competition authority. And it is certain that to impose itself between Apple and Android stores, a title as popular as candy destruction wouldn’t be too much…

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