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Caped Crusader launches a war between Amazon, Apple and Netflix

Warner Discovery has removed the animated series from its HBO Max broadcast forecast, but the bat may well land elsewhere.

The production of the animated series imagined by Bruce Timm and ensured by the companies of JJ Abrams and Matt Reeves (respectively Bad Robot and 6th & Idao) has never stopped. And this despite the upheavals at Warner Discovery following the merger of the two entertainment giants, no more than with the announcement of the suspension of a broadcasting project. Note in passing that the exclusive contract signed with Matt Reeves for his vision of Batman in the cinema will not have influenced the decision of the leaders of Warner.

A hero for hire

However, it is impossible to think that Warner will completely disengage from the project, even if it means letting another broadcaster get the scoop. Even a minor production role would be enough to keep the Warner logo in the credits, and that would be the main thing to save face. To see a DC Comics hero wandering elsewhere without this famous seal seems unimaginable. Still, JJ Abrams and Matt Reeves enjoy a certain popularity rating, with their impressive resumes in the industry. The declared potential broadcasters are therefore none other than Apple TV+, Netflix or Prime Video, as reported The Hollywood Reporter in its Heatvision newsletter. A time considered, Hulu seems no longer relevant.

The other Bruce behind the mask

As a reminder, this series comes from the creative genius Bruce Timm, at the origin of another series, Batman: The Animated Series, which recently celebrated its 30th anniversary despite the chaotic context agitating Warner. The opportunity for DC to also blow out the 30 candles of the character of Harley Quinn, created for the needs of the cult series. The impact that this saga will have had over time, its prestigious collaborations (Mark Hamill dubbing the Joker in the original version) also explain the interest of the public, but also of broadcasters for the future Caped Crusader.



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