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Car insurance may not cover a claim in the event of equipment failure | Insurance

The winter season is fast approaching.

Low temperatures, snow, frost, fog or freezing rain lead to poor visibility, roads covered with snow and ice and entail the risk of loss of vehicle control and thus traffic accidents.

To reduce the risk of traffic accidents in connection with winter traffic, The Mountain Act regulates car traffic in municipalities with mountain ranges.

With the aim of improving the flow of road traffic and the safety of motorists, the mountain law comes into force in the winter period from 1 November to 31 March in 48 departments in France, especially in communes with mountainous massifs.

During this period, road users must fit winter tires on their car or have chains or snow socks in the boot.

In case of non-compliance with the rules, i.e. lack of equipment, drivers can receive a class 4 fine of up to 135 euros.

The penalty may be accompanied by immobilization of the vehicle if deemed necessary (Source:

If the vehicles do not comply with the applicable regulations, drivers may, in addition to the risk of accidents, be left without guarantees of coverage from their car insurance in the event of an accident.

An insurance company may not cover damage if the vehicle is not fitted with approved winter tires or chains or snow socks in the event of an accident.

The insurance company may ask the insured to prove that the wheels were fitted with approved tires or chains or snow socks to cover the damage.

If the equipment was not present, the insurance cannot apply the coverage guarantees of the car insurance agreement.

The same applies to assistance: the financial cover may not be total if the rules of the Mountain Act have not been complied with by the insured.

“It is important to respect this law and to equip your vehicle correctly in order to drive safely. Some insurance companies may choose not to insure an injured driver if he is not properly equipped. This can therefore be accompanied by large financial consequences and invalidate the compensation for their demands on individuals. explains Christophe Dandois, managing director of the new insurance company Leocare.

Source: Leocare

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