Vehicle fleets: insure only what is necessary

Telematics and digital are struggling to convince to control the drift of claims costs in car fleets. Insurers, brokers and companies rely on more traditional solutions. Even before the war in Ukraine and the return of inflation, fleet insurance was in clear technical imbalance. Christian Daniel, fleet, maritime and transport manager at MMA, evokes a … Read more

To the stigmatization of job seekers, let’s prefer a universal and protective unemployment insurance! – Liberation

GRANDSTAND Article reserved for subscribers While the government is preparing to further tighten the rules, another reform of unemployment insurance is possible, say parliamentarians from Nupes. We must return to its original philosophy: open up rights to compensation from the first day of job loss, without a waiting period, fight against the non-use of the … Read more

Hilbert IS launches its PER and bets on ETFs

Hilbert Investment Solutions announces the launch of its first banking retirement savings plan (PER). Baptized “Hilbert PER Protect 90», the company specializing in structured products intends to base its investments mainly on ETFs. The product stands out in particular for its level of capital guarantee established at 90% of the contributions and made possible in … Read more

Finally insurance against bed bugs

Nearly 31 million French people have been confronted with pests at home since 2016*, the French company brings its expertise to help many people get rid of pests permanently. The 3 keys to success: expert advice, appropriate treatment and serious professionals Historically, accompanies individuals and professionals to find the treatment against pests that … Read more

Borrower insurance to repay despite the vagaries of life

Publish-editorial — A real estate project or a major purchase in sight?? You will soon be borrowing money from the bank. You will therefore consider the question of borrower insurance. Definition, obligation, points of attention and guarantees, zoom on all the important points of borrower insurance. What is borrower insurance? Borrower insurance is insurance that … Read more