world record in sight for Microsoft co-founder’s collection estimated at more than $1 billion

The famous auction house Christie’s has announced that in November the sale of the prestigious Paul G. Allen collection will be held at its premises in New York, which could well become the most lucrative auction in history. In November 2022, Christie’s will host in its prestigious Rockefeller Center premises the sale of the collection … Read more

Microsoft has provided a signed guarantee that Call of Duty will continue to release on PlayStation

Microsoft has provided a signed guarantee that Call of Duty will continue to release on PlayStation The words have already been repeated a bunch of times but Phil Spencer has just made a revelation to The Verge which should definitely reassure PlayStation players who are fans of call of duty than Sony itself, without forgetting … Read more

Microsoft and Sony have signed an agreement to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation for “several years” beyond the current contract

A new statement shared with The Verge revealed that Microsoft and Sony signed an agreement in January to keep the Call of Duty series on PlayStation hardware for “several years” after all current contracts expired. The news follows a statement by the UK government that it may need more time to investigate Microsoft’s proposed acquisition … Read more

Microsoft Edge 105 Comes On The Stable Channel

– Advertising – Microsoft Edge version 105 hit the Stable Channel a few weeks after it was shipped to the Beta Channel, with an improved cloud site list management experience for IE mode in addition to the usual reliability fixes and tweaks. This version comes with some feature updates under the hood. First, enhancements to … Read more

Microsoft Edge gets a new sidebar for multitasking

The Microsoft Edge browser is inspired by competitors like Vivaldi and has a sidebar that should help users increase their productivity. Credit: Microsoft Microsoft announces the integration of a new feature for its Edge web browser. It’s about a lateral bar which should prove to be very practical since it allows you to display content … Read more

Microsoft discovers security flaw in TikTok’s Android app

Last February, Microsoft researchers discovered a security flaw in TikTok’s Android app. This could have allowed an attacker to hijack a user’s account after the user clicked on a link. Fortunately, developers at ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company, quickly patched the vulnerability after being made aware of its existence. Microsoft researchers reported it last February through … Read more

Israel launches Microsoft Climate Innovation Fund

Israel says it will invest in transforming Israel’s ecosystem into a global source of inspiration for the development of low-carbon technologies. Microsoft’s Climate Innovation Fund is partnering with the Office of the Head of Israel’s Research and Development Center to recruit outstanding Israeli startups, in the first partnership outside the United States, according to reports … Read more