SpaceX has already made more than a million Starlink antennas according to Elon Musk

Starlink has manufactured over one million antennas for end users. The statistics are fine, but the ambitions of Elon Musk’s company are much greater. It was obviously on Twitter that Elon Musk announced the news. Starlink, its internet service provider satellite, produced one million antennas for end users. The figure is symbolic, and when you … Read more

SpaceX rocket puts US spy satellite into orbit

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket put a spy satellite into orbit on Wednesday for the US Space Force, announced the National Reconnaissance Office, responsible for designing and managing the US military satellite network. United. The rocket carrying the NROL-87 satellite took off at 12:27 p.m. local time (9:27 p.m. in Switzerland) from the military base … Read more

play online as an astronaut

While a Russian freighter docked on Friday June 3 at the international space stationan online simulation challenges you to pilot a SpaceX Dragon 2. And a little NASA game puts you in control of a space telescope… Sensations and immersion guaranteed! Do you have the makings of an astronaut? On the SpaceX website, you can … Read more

SpaceX Starlink is now connecting schools in the Amazon rainforest –

SpaceX’s Starlink internet service now serves schools in the Amazon rainforest, linking institutes in Brazil’s Amazon region to the rest of the world via satellite. Company CEO Elon Musk highlighted the achievement on Thursday when he shared a tweet from Brazilian Communications Minister Fábio Faria (@fabiofaria) presenting the installation in a school in Careiro da … Read more

SpaceX wants to connect school buses in rural areas of the United States to the Starlink network

The Constellation star link expands more and more with the satellites that continue to be sent into orbit. The internet network of SpaceX can today be used on ships and even in Antarctica. Recently, the company announced a new project closer to the population, especially those living in rural areas of the United States. According … Read more

SpaceX wants to put Starlink internet on school buses so kids can do homework

What just happened? SpaceX is working with select school districts to pilot a program to provide Wi-Fi on buses, turning “commute time into connected time.” In a recent message to the Federal Communications Commission, SpaceX argued that no service is better positioned to close the “Homework Gap” than Starlink. SpaceX is targeting school districts in … Read more