Nintendo UK will not live stream the Nintendo Direct out of respect for this time of national mourning – Nintendo

Despite the uncertainties and rumors of a postponement following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, nintendo announced a new Nintendo Direct dated September 13 at 4 p.m. (French time) (See our dedicated article by clicking here). However, the uncertainties (See our article dedicated to postponement rumours) as to the respect of English national mourning by … Read more

A United Kingdom | The duty

This historical drama with the tunes of an old melodious TV movie features Seretse Khama, played by the talented and charismatic David Oyelowo (who wowed the gallery by lending his features to Martin Luther King in Selma of Ava DuVernay), the man to whom Botswana owes its independence. Interested in interracial relations, Amma Asante was … Read more

Critics of Hugues Dayez with “A united kingdom”, a disturbing mixed couple

London, 1947. Seretse Khama, a young African law student, heir to the throne of Bechuanaland (future Botswana) and Ruth Williams, a young Englishwoman of modest origins, fell in love. Despite the opposition of their respective families, they decide to get married. But when Seretse returns to his homeland with his wife, trouble begins. His uncle, … Read more

Brexit: after 111 years, the “GB” on British car plates is replaced by “UK”

After 111 years of existence, the identification “GB“on British car plates gives way to a”UK“Symbolizing in particular solidarity with Northern Ireland after Brexit, several newspapers across the Channel reported on Thursday. Since September 28, British motorists traveling to the continent will have to display identification “UK” in the back of their vehicle. So far, the … Read more