Celebrating Our Successes: A Anticipate Benefit at SpaceX’s 2020 Achievements

SpaceX achieved many milestones this previous 365 days, with their success making waves within the aerospace and direct exploration industries. From launching a spacecraft for the first time without a crew onboard to breaking records for the most launches in a single 365 days, SpaceX had plenty to cheer about in 2020. Right here’s a glimpse serve at some of their exceptional accomplishments.

Launching & Landing

SpaceX made history in Would possibly per chance per chance furthermore 2020, when their Crew Dragon spacecraft modified into the first to originate a spacecraft into orbit without a crew onboard. This was the first step in attaining NASA’s business crew program objectives and bringing astronauts to orbit on American-made spacecraft.

No longer long after, the an analogous Crew Dragon tablet modified into the first business spacecraft to autonomously dock with the World House Set. No longer only did this delivery up a brand new technology of direct exploration, it furthermore marked the first time a business spacecraft had visited the direct space.

SpaceX furthermore successfully landed its Falcon 9 rocket on an independent drone ship at sea, which had beforehand been now not easy to whole. This marked a prime step forward in reusable rocket technology, paving the come for extra value atmosphere pleasant direct missions.

Recordsdata Set

In 2020, SpaceX launched a file 178 times, atmosphere a brand new file for the most launches by a single firm in one 365 days. The firm furthermore achieved a file series of launches and landings within the an analogous day, a considerable feat that earned the admiration of direct exploration followers across the globe.

The firm furthermore situation a brand new file for many satellites launched in a single mission by deploying 143 satellites into orbit in November 2020. This marked a fruits of the firm’s exhausting work and ingenuity, and was renowned as a prime accomplishment.


2020 was a exceptional 365 days for SpaceX, and the firm’s success paves the come for extra direct-connected achievements in 2021. From launching and landing spacecraft to breaking records, there are few boundaries that SpaceX hasn’t crossed. With SpaceX leading the price, there’s by no draw been a much bigger time for direct exploration and the sky is the restrict!

What other accomplishments did SpaceX have in 2020?

In 2020, SpaceX had various major accomplishments, collectively with the originate of their first-ever human mission, Demo-2, the first human originate of the Falcon 9 and the Crew Dragon spacecraft. SpaceX achieved its 20th Falcon 9 originate of the 365 days and its first all-business Falcon 9 mission to originate 60 Starlink satellites. SpaceX furthermore launched the first Crew-1 mission to the World House Set, utilized the Dragon cargo spacecraft’s first independent on-orbit rendezvous, launched their Starlink Low-Earth Orbit constellation, and achieved a corpulent orbit for Starship Hopper, their first corpulent-scale check automobile designed for suborbital flights. SpaceX furthermore launched their first smallsat rideshare mission and situation the realm file for the most orbital launches in a single calendar 365 days (21). Finally, SpaceX was awarded a US Air Force contract to deploy its Starship rocket system for operational expend.

What other launches did SpaceX have in 2020?

1. Commence of Crew Dragon Demo-2 Mission – Would possibly per chance per chance furthermore 30

2. Commence of CRS-20 Mission – March 7

3. Commence of Starlink V1.0 satellites – Would possibly per chance per chance furthermore 24

4. Commence of GPS III SV03 – June 30

5. Commence of NASA Astronauts to the World House Set – Would possibly per chance per chance furthermore 30

6. Commence of CRS-21 Mission – December 6

7. Commence of Arabsat-6A / Hellas Sat-4 Mission – April 8

8. Commence of CRS-19 Mission – December 5

9. Commence of Starlink V1.1 Satellites – October 18

10. Commence of AMOS-17 Mission – August 6

What other falcon 9 launches did SpaceX have in 2020?

1. Falcon 9 Commence of Starlink V1.0 L9 & SAOCOM 1B (August 2020)

2. Falcon 9 Commence of Starlink V1.0 L10 (September 2020)

3. Falcon 9 Commence of SAOCOM 1A & GNOMES 1 (August 2020)

4. Falcon 9 Commence of Starlink V1.0 L11 & Transporter-1 (January 2020)

5. Falcon 9 Commence of Stargazer & JCSAT-18/Kacific1 (December 2020)

6. Falcon 9 Commence of Anasis-II (July 2020)

7. Falcon 9 Commence of GPS III SV04 (June 2020)

8. Falcon 9 Commence of Crew Dragon Demo-2 (Would possibly per chance per chance furthermore 2020)

9. Falcon 9 Commence of Starlink V1.0 L8 (June 2020)

10. Falcon 9 Commence of Starlink V1.0 L7 (March 2020)

11. Falcon 9 Commence of Crew Dragon In-Flight Abort Take a look at (January 2020)

12. Falcon 9 Commence of AMOS-17 (August 2020)

13. Falcon 9 Commence of CRS-20 (March 2020)

14. Falcon 9 Commence of Starlink V1.0 L6 (February 2020)

15. Falcon 9 Commence of Starlink-3 (November 2020)

16. Falcon 9 Commence of CRS-19 (December 2019)

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