Charles III targeted by a beam of eggs: the images that shock Britain

While Charles III was away in York, he was the target of egg-throwing.

Crime of majesty. This Wednesday, November 9 Charles III, new king of England was on a journey to York, in the north of England. On this occasion, the monarch took the opportunity to greet his people and shake hands.

It was at this moment that a man, who is currently not identified, threw three eggs on Charles III. “This country was built with the blood of slaves”, the man behind the incident allegedly shouted before being arrested by several police officers. If the eggs narrowly missed the king, he was immediately protected by his bodyguards.

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The expulsion of Charles III and his wife, the queen consort Camila resumed its course very quickly. They inaugurated a new statue of the queen on Wednesday Elizabeth IIthe first since the monarch’s death in September.

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