CNP Assurances joins the EcoWatt approach


( — CNP Assurances joins the EcoWatt approach, a citizen scheme supported by RTE and ADEME to adopt responsible energy consumption. Through structural energy savings, CNP Assurances is committed to reducing the electricity consumption of its premises in France by 30% between 2022 and 2023.

CNP Assurances implements structural energy saving measures

By the end of 2022, CNP Assurances will move its head office to Issy-Coeur de Ville in a building that meets the latest environmental standards, bringing together all employees in the Ile-de-France region on the same site.

For the Group, this is a major financial investment which will contribute to its approach to structural energy savings. The building benefiting from the best environmental certifications will make it possible to significantly reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions thanks to the combined actions:
– the use of geothermal energy and solar panels to self-produce part of the energy used
– energy efficiency (thermal insulation, widespread use of LEDs, intelligent management of the building using presence detectors)
– and a reduction in the areas occupied compared to the current situation, in connection with the development of teleworking.

CNP Assurances also completed energy renovation work on its main operating building in Angers in 2019, resulting in a 38% reduction in energy consumption compared to 2014.
Following an audit carried out by an independent body, CNP Assurances obtained environmental certifications for the operation of this building in 2021. This continuous improvement approach, audited each year by an independent body, will make it possible to optimize the operation of the building in the search for increased energy performance.

In order to help ensure a good supply of energy to all French people, CNP Assurances is committed this winter to limiting heating to 19oC in its various premises and to 16oC at its backup site, to switching off its neon sign at night on the Paris ring road and its premises, as well as to train all of its employees and their families in eco-driving through the deployment of specific online training.


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