Cold wave in Europe, snow comes to France and the UK

A difficult Tuesday morning for many motorists in France, as in Lyon, where around three centimeters of snow fell overnight, causing disruption to roads and public transport; no buses were plying early in the morning.

Meteo France issued a vigilance bulletin linked to the ice storm, which concerns 28 departments, from Brittany to Alsace via the Paris region. After a period of cold, milder temperatures are forecast in France this Wednesday.

In northern Europe, in London, as elsewhere in the United Kingdom, the snow is also there ten days before Christmas. Dozens of flights and trains have been cancelled. This bad weather is added to a series of strikes which are affecting transport. Only 20% of trains were running on Tuesday, according to Britain’s biggest trade union.

Northern Europe bear the brunt of the consequences of the blizzards. Air and rail traffic was thus seriously disrupted in Finland, with many delays and cancellations. Some roads are also closed. Power company officials are not ruling out power outages due to the extent of the snowfall.


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