CONATEL authorizes Starlink to use certain equipment on national territory

The National Telecommunications Council authorizes Starlink to use certain equipment on Haitian territory.

In a certificate of approval, the National Telecommunications Council (CONATEL) authorizes Starlink Haiti, SpaceX’s satellite internet service, to use certain equipment on national territory. In this certificate, signed by the director general of the institution, Léon Jean Marie Guillaume, the executive body of CONATEL mentioned the equipment in accordance with the regulations in force.

In fact, Starlink Haiti is authorized to use a ground station (user terminal) including the Wi-Fi router, antenna and accessories with high-speed Internet access via satellite, according to the certificate of approval published by the government institution. November 24

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Recall that Conatel had approved SpaceX’s request to provide Starlink satellite internet service in Haiti on July 29 through an announcement. “Conatel’s executive body informs the public in general and ISPs in particular that on July 5 they received a request for authorization from the American company SpaceX for the provision in Haiti of services STARLINK and SWARM,” the institution said.

In this announcement, Conatel indicates that it has approved the initiative of SpaceX/Starlink to equip Haiti for pilot tests at 20 sites of the Directorate of Civil Protection (DPC) over a period of four months. Five other sites, namely the Henri Christophe Campus in Limonade, the Michèle Tardieu Library, the Karibe Hotel, the Saint-François Xavier School in Ouanaminthe and the Haitian ICT Association (AHTIC) will also benefit from this pilot project, but for a two-year period.

The stated goal of Starlink is to provide an Internet connection anywhere in the world, including in geographic areas poorly served (or not at all) by terrestrial infrastructure. These may be remote, rural or hard-to-reach locations.

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