conservatives call for reform of the asylum system

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In the United Kingdom, immigration is debated daily, especially with regard to English Channel crossings. They exceed 40,000 this year. To slow them down, some of the conservatives are calling for a reform of the asylum system legislation.

With our correspondent in Dublin, Emeline wine

In a letter to the Prime Minister, around fifty Conservative MPs are calling for asylum applications to be automatically rejected for nationals from certain countries deemed “safe”.

According to them, this legal change should make it possible to cut the “Gordian knot” that represents the crossings of the English Channel.

Among the signatories, former ministers and leaders from the Conservative Party. They explain that the current law prevents the deportation of an asylum seeker who claims to be a victim of human trafficking, and that many migrants “abuse” this provision, clogging up the reception system.

They especially target the Albanians, the majority in the canal crossings: ” If they were brought here against their will, they write, then they should not be dissatisfied with being sent home. »

By de facto barring economic migrants from countries deemed safe, elected officials want to deter candidates from crossing and reduce the wait time to process an asylum application – currently several years. The government has not yet responded to the request.

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