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Control your lighting with your voice thanks to the Amazon/Philips promo kit

[Deal du Jour] Amazon currently offers a smart home kit that includes two 3rd generation Echo Dot devices and a Philips Hue smart bulb. If you are interested in home automation, this package is all you need to start your connected home.

What is this offer on this set?

A single 3rd Gen Echo Dot speaker usually costs around $30. Amazon offers a connected home kit at an attractive price. This bundle includes two Echo Dot 3 speakers and a Philips Hue connected light bulb at a price of €34.98.

What is this Echo Dot and Philips Hue kit?

Echo Dot 3 is Amazon’s home automation assistant. It takes a flat and cylindrical shape covered with fabric, for a design that easily finds its place in your interior. You can control it with the sound of your voice thanks to the voice assistant Alexa. Echo Dot 3 includes four omnidirectional microphones to hear your voice most effectively. The internet connection is via Wi-Fi, and pairing and settings are simply through the Alexa app.

This set comes with two Echo Dot 3 and that’s good. If you are too far from the speaker, Alexa will have trouble hearing you. This duo is therefore perfect for slightly more spacious accommodation, where the presence of two Echo Dots is essential. Finally, the built-in speakers sometimes struggle to be heard. They will do for a simple conversation with Alexa, but are not recommended for listening to music. Prefer to connect a compatible Echo sound system.

The Philips Hue smart bulb is Bluetooth compatible and works with Alexa. You can easily control it with your voice to turn it on and off and adjust its brightness.

The connected home kit with Echo Dot 3 and Philips Hue connected bulb (E27) // Source: Amazon

Is this set offered by Amazon a good deal?

It’s a good offer if you want to complete your smart home or get started in the world of home automation. In addition to controlling your lighting with the included Philips Hue bulb, the Echo Dot lets you control your entire connected home. Listening to audio content via Spotify or Deezer, adjusting the temperature in a room or knowing today’s weather are thus among the options. Of course, it is necessary to have a permanent internet connection to make it all work.

And if the world of home automation scares you, know that Matter intends to revolutionize and simplify this universe. Its purpose is to facilitate the use of connected objects so that you no longer have to wonder how to get all these beautiful people to work together.

Moving forward with connected homes

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