Cyrille Isaac-Sibille appointed rapporteur for the “old-age insurance” branch

The Modem MP for the 12th district of the Rhône was appointed this summer as rapporteur for the “old-age insurance” section of the bill relating to the Social Security budget for the year 2023.

The project will be reviewed in the fall.

In a press release, Cyrille Isaac-Sibille said to himself “honored by the trust renewed in me today”, he who had already held the position during his previous term. “I will continue my commitment to safeguard our pay-as-you-go pension system“he assures.

Before adding:The new configuration of the National Assembly, resulting from the legislative elections of last June, promises lively discussions, but which will nonetheless be constructive, I hope, and which will enable us to reach a balanced consensus in order to preserve our National Solidarity system and controlling our public expenditure“.

In order to prepare for this work, the deputy of the presidential majority will hear five bodies next week, including the national old-age insurance fund and the old-age solidarity fund.



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