Data Pathology: health insurance is taking a big leap into open-data!

Each year, the Assurance Maladie draws up a report on health expenditure in its “expenses and income” report. Expenditure mapping makes it possible to monitor changes in expenditure over a period of 5 years, with an analysis by major group of pathologies and partly by region. These data allow it to make a set of proposals to improve the quality and efficiency of care and health pathways.

It is therefore a strong commitment to open data (open data) that health insurance operates today by making available not its usual results and analyzes (in .pdf document format) but all the data used. With free access, this data will now be able to benefit as many people as possible.

A dynamic data visualization tool makes it possible to simply show any user the number of patients treated for one of the 57 categories of pathologies listed, or even the share of health expenditure for certain types of treatment at the national level. ‘a department.

In addition to facilitating the visualization of this data, the health insurance offers the database for everyone to download. Of course, these are completely anonymized data and without the possibility of cross-referencing with other information. This thus represents for many actors an opportunity to better understand and document health expenditure and associated care (hospital, city medicine, etc.).

For our associations, this open access database facilitates the monitoring of the prevalence of pathology, average expenditure per patient, associated trends, etc. For our user representatives at the local level, it is also a gold mine for building and supporting their advocacy based on data that directly concerns them.

France Assos Santé therefore welcomes the initiative taken by the CNAM, for the benefit of users in the broad sense and associations and representatives of users. The opening of data to facilitate research, the management of public policies and public health are among the advocacy points that we defend, in particular through our VivreCovid19 study, of which the opening of data is one of the ethical principles.

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