Debris from a SpaceX space capsule found in a farm field in Australia

A discovery… straight from space. According to information from the Guardian, in Jindabyne (New South Wales) in southern Australia, debris from Elon Musk’s SpaceX Crew-1 rocket capsule fell into a farm field. The owner, a certain Mick Miners. The discovery was revealed by Australian National University space expert Brad Tucker.

This scientific expert was able to link the presence of the debris to the capsule, which re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere around 7 a.m. on July 9, 20 months after its departure from the mainland, in November 2020.

Astrophysicist Brad Tucker suggests the debris came from the unpressurized part of the SpaceX capsule. Why was he found on Earth? If the element is crucial for the launch of the rocket, it is actually doomed to detach and fall back to Earth after takeoff.

The Australian Space Agency (ASA) has also confirmed that the debris came from the space capsule. On Sunday, technical experts from the ASA came to analyze the remains of the space capsule.

The spokesperson for the space agency said: “ASA confirms that the debris is from a SpaceX mission and has opened a dialogue with our colleagues in the United States, and with other members of the Commonwealth and the authorities. local. »

Other debris has been discovered in the area, and experts expect to find more in the coming days. Jock Wallace, owner of a nearby farm also found debris from the spacecraft. It remains to be seen whether SpaceX will collect them.

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