Delphix launches new compliance service integrated with Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform

Using Delphix through the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform makes it easy for all stakeholders to deliver compliant data as needed.

The exponential growth in the global volume of data has created new challenges for companies seeking to learn actionable insights. Storing data in a multitude of formats has concentrated it in silos. At the same time, international data protection regulations hold companies accountable for enforcing data security standards and provide large fines and penalties for non-compliance. To fully realize the strategic value of data, it must be mobile, dynamic, secure and compliant. It is within this framework that Delphix is ​​partnering with Microsoft to help their mutual customers accelerate value creation, in terms of both compliance and security, from their data capital on the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform.

The compliance advantage that Delphix brings to the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform

To be fully utilized, business data must be handled in the same format. ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) pipelines must therefore be adapted to each individual archiving system, while at the same time they must be able to be scaled up to handle the companies’ gigantic data sets. Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform solutions for data pipelines, such as Azure Synapse Pipelines and Azure Data Factory, simplify these tasks by providing zero-coding ETL and enterprise-grade connectivity within rich visual experiences.

When sensitive data is extracted from these filing systems, it must still be reconciled without affecting the financial value of this data set. This process can be slow and complex; it often requires the intervention of a professional with specialized knowledge, and companies generally need time to ensure that their data complies with a wide range of privacy regulations for which they are responsible. Their data dissemination processes risk being slowed down, creating a bottleneck.

Delphix solves these challenges with a fast, automated, API-driven way to move secure data to where it’s needed in the business. Specifically, Delphix identifies sensitive information across the enterprise and automates data masking where it resides.

This masking protects confidential data by irreversibly replacing their original real values ​​with fictitious but realistic equivalents, preserving the integrity of the repository. Delphix also ensures uniform masking of this data, all sources combined. Data masking not only eliminates the risk of exposure of personal data: it also ensures compliance with almost all data protection regulations without affecting the economic value of the data.

Interoperability of Delphix and Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform solutions

Used together, Delphix and the Intelligent Data Platform combine powerful offerings focused on compliance and automation to simplify the on-demand deployment of compliant data. Microsoft Azure ETL solutions solve connectivity challenges for enterprise-scale data integration, while Delphix fills gaps in ETL compliance. By facilitating the circulation of data in the company and at the same time ensuring their compliance in an instant, these products avoid their division.

Specifically, Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform and Azure Data Factory (ADF) customers will be able to use Delphix to perform data profiling and create masked copies of it via ADF connectors. Delphix will also enable end users to automatically transfer compatible data from sources such as SAP, Salesforce and Oracle EBS to high-value service layers such as Microsoft Synapse.

This new service allows:

Secure activation of Azure Data Services for certain industry solutions;

- Solving complex regulatory compliance issues relating to data;

- “Left shift” acceleration (equivalent to a safety left turn) as part of a “DevSecOps” approach;

- Reduced training time for AI/ML algorithms thanks to compliance with analytics tools.

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