DHL Parcel UK is rolling out a fleet of ‘sustainable vehicles’ to the UK

( — DHL Parcel UK, part of DHL eCommerce Solutions, has taken delivery of six Volvo electric trucks which will be deployed in London from January 2023… Later this year, 30 new LNG trucks will be added to the fleet for long-distance journeys .

Both purchases are part of DHL Parcel UK’s investment program of around €74m. (£64m) in a sustainable fleet in the UK and is in line with the group’s sustainability strategy Deutsche Post DHL.

The company is thus taking another important step towards decarbonising its transport and delivery fleet in the UK and towards Deutsche Post DHL Group’s goal of achieving net zero emissions in logistics by 2050. Along the way, the group will invest more than €7 billion in sustainable fuels and clean technologies alone by 2030. The conversion of the DHL collection, delivery and regular service fleet to electric propulsion or sustainable fuel solutions is an important lever in this regard…

Mobility revolution

“Our aim is to lead the UK’s mobility revolution. The deployment of zero-emission electric motors in heavy-duty trucks in the last mile is an important step towards our vision of zero-emission logistics,” said Peter Fuller, CEO of DHL Parcel UK .

The 16t Volvo FL electric trucks are each powered by four 200kWh batteries, which enable a range of almost 200km – when loaded with up to 12 pallets with a transport weight of up to 6t. The batteries are charged overnight at DHL Parcels’ central locations in London, so they can be used for daily transport within the city centre.

Because they are “zero emission” vehicles, they will not emit carbon or pollutants into the atmosphere… With their excellent all-round visibility, they also meet the “3-star London Direct Vision” standard, which aims to improve safety of all London commuters.

Once the installation of a bio-LNG refueling infrastructure is complete and the drivers are trained in safe refuelling, the 30 new LNG trucks will complement the fleet of vehicles at the new DHL hub south of Coventry Airport.
With a range of up to 600 kilometers per refuelling, the trucks will be used for regular services across the UK. When running on bio-LNG, CO2 emissions from tractors are reduced by up to 85% compared to a conventional diesel engine with the same output of 460 hp…

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