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The devil wears nada

A woman wakes up every night at 03:33. Bad luck: that would be the devil’s hour, surely because 6:66 doesn’t exist. His mother is derailed, his son is as good at externalizing his emotions as a high-level sociopathand she finds herself connected to brutal murders.

Unrelated to the 2019 film of the same name, Devil’s hour takes advantage of’an exciting pitch with this satanic hour concept. The problem of the child heralded a diversion of innocence towards The curse by Richard Donner.

Except the series takes too long to draw a singularity from it: it is only in her final segments that she makes explicit her mythology, too late to really exploit its potential. Not a mistake per se, this revelation could have crowned a scaffolding of cleverly maintained mysteries.

The snooze of agony

Unfortunately fantastic clichés based on fleeting visions and rudimentary biblical symbolism (Isaac, Mr. Shepherd…) does not generate a particularly pronounced waiting effect. The irregularity of the nocturnal awakening could almost be replaced by an itch in the crotch without transforming the main axes of the story.

Peter Capaldi remains, whose delicious ambiguity is a definite asset. His hard features and his ability to portray a more or less gentle madness (see his interpretation of the moon in The Suicide Squad) allow him to assumeambivalence in his character. But to really make an impression, or to make his confrontation with Jessica Raine work in fashion mastermind psychological type The eyes of evilit would have required a more subtle scenario.

Hour of the Devil: Peter CapaldiAm I a good man?

The terrible thriller

Devil’s hour dare a mix of genres thrillerhorror, fantasy and drama which, if successful, could have offered a unique experience. First problem: despite the screen time devoted to it, anxiety follows such well-marked paths, based on ultra-redundant hallucinations and jumpscares of great poverty (the phone vibrator…), that the series fails to arouse the slightest shiver. It’s not James Wan or Mike Flanagan who wants that.

The scenario suffers underutilized fantastic slope, to be able to offer little better than a few scenes of foreknowledge or discussions with invisible interlocutors to create trouble. The exchanges expected from the performer interpreted by Meera Syal will no longer confuse fans of the genre.

Hour of the Devil: Jessica RaineWall, my dear wall, tell me if abortion is still possible at the age of eight

The balance is hardly more brilliant on the thriller side, which the treasure hunt lacks pep. Weighed down by useless scenes, the investigation progresses slowly, using conventional strings or unworthy facilities: extracting a detail from a soundtrack, finding the code to a safe thanks to the huge clue located right next to it. Even the exploration of the underground “à la So V leaves it cold: Careful photography pulls the universe more towards an aestheticized pastel narrative than a craspec experience.

If the graft struggles to take, the feeling finally emerges when the fate of the family is tied. In the last episodes, it is strange in the action that the director scores points, and offers some well-packaged sequences when the confrontation becomes head-on.

Hour of the Devil: Peter CapaldiThe sick of it

ghost protagonists

Tom Moran can be counted on a cast of controlled English descentthe majority of which took a turn on the side Doctor Who, to producers Steven Moffat and his wife Sue Vertue. It is probably no coincidence that during an interrogation the policeman asks Peter Capaldi if he is “a time traveller”…

Despite a feeling British not unpleasant (in case of boredom you can dare a shot of whiskey every time a character drinks tea or talks about it), the interactions are cruelly devoid of life and authenticity. The dynamic that connects the two heroes is as cliched as can be and totally unalloyed, and it is difficult to justify the importance that the original lover took on screen. How to believe it with dialogues lacking at this point of relief and vividnesslike this telephone exchange about the supernatural as removed as a script by CE2?

The Devil's Hour: Nikesh PatelThe origin of the evil game

Victims of their generic authorship, the characters have difficulty gaining depth. That the detective’s sympathy is struck with a large ticket offered to a homeless person gives a fair picture of the finesse of the whole. Especially since his only other trait is listening to music at crime scenes…

The generational dimension induced by the scenario could have made it possible to deepen the bonds within the heroine’s family, except that each of its members is enclosed in its bubble : she is disoriented, her mother senile and her son so apathetic that he is not afraid… without being able to adequately shift to the gross uneasiness.

Consequently, certain passages sound horribly hollow, including a scene of inauthentic school bullying. So much so that when Jessica Raine sacrifices herself to overplay pleasure in a desperate attempt to touch her offspring, we come close to the meta-confession of a fiction that brings together the expected ingredients without succeeding in embodying them.

The Devil’s Hour is available on Amazon Prime Video since October 28, 2022 in France

The Devil's Hour: Poster, Peter Capaldi


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