Dog and cat insurance: pros and cons

Because having your animal treated can be very expensive, it can be advantageous to opt for animal insurance. However, insurance premiums can be high depending on the age of the animal and its breed. Also, it is important to weigh the pros and cons before subscribing and comparing dog or cat insurance formulas to find the best insurance.

I find the cheapest insurance for my pet

The benefits of taking out pet insurance

Opting for dog or cat insurance is a good way to cope in the event of illness or injury to your favorite pet. This makes it possible to limit expenditure on veterinary costs and care.

With pet insurance:

  1. you are reimbursed for veterinary costs
  2. the care is covered in part or in full
  3. you pay off the animal’s health expenses
  4. you have peace of mind because several costs such as transport are taken care of

Not all dog or cat health insurance is created equal. The formulas and options vary according to the insurer. The same is also true for the terms of reimbursement and reimbursement. Because in some cases, you will have to go to an establishment indicated by the insurer to be covered for certain treatments.

The disadvantages of pet insurance

While it’s convenient to have health insurance for your pet, there are downsides. The main one being the cost of the latter.

  1. You pay an insurance premium every month which can be expensive
  2. Some animals cannot be insured
  3. Not all costs are always covered
  4. Exclusions of guarantee exist (in particular according to the age and the pathologies of the animal)

Ultimately, you must read the contract carefully before choosing your insurance in order to know the costs that are reimbursed by the insurer according to the chosen formula.

Conclusion: do the right calculations and compare insurers

To find the cheapest for your furry companion, nothing better than online comparison. In less than 5 minutes and without leaving your home, you can obtain a mutual insurance quote for your animal at the best price. For this, you will need to fill out a form. It’s simple and free.

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