Don’t get attached to Amazon’s Scout robot

In 2019, Amazon had made the presentations with a new system and Scout delivery robot. In the format of a cooler and equipped with six wheels, the delivery robot aimed to move along the sidewalks for a quarter at the speed of a walking man.

Able to avoid obstacles in its path, the Scout should be a cheaper solution for the last kilometer between the warehouse and the customer to be delivered, and also part of the group’s initiatives to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases tightened in its deliveries.

The customer places an order as usual on the Amazon site and collects their package by lifting the cover of the Scout, which is designed to stop in front of a front door.

Disappointing feedback

In tests in the US in suburbs outside Seattle, then in Southern California, Georgia and Tennessee, Scout had to be accompanied by humans to control the smooth operation.

Of course, the experiments were not conclusive when Amazon decided to stop its project with Scout.

We worked to create a unique delivery experience, but learned from feedback that some aspects of the program did not meet customer needs. “an Amazon spokeswoman explained to Bloomberg. We finish our field test and we are reorienting the program.

Amazon remains unclear

No real explanation as to what aspects of the delivery program with Scout ultimately precipitated its end, although it is a diversion. Scouts would then not be completely abandoned.

According to a Bloomberg source, around 400 people worldwide worked on the project. For those directly affected by the restructuring of the program, Amazon is committed to finding them positions in the group that correspond to their experience and skills.

It should also be noted that the shutdown of the delivery system with the Scout robot has no consequences for Amazon’s delivery service with drones… in experiments.


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