Driving in flip flops or flip flops: possible penalties, fines, insurance, what the law says…

With the heat, it is not uncommon to take the wheel, flip-flops on your feet or in sandals, even barefoot. But do we have the right to do so?

Heat wave, high temperatures make it necessary not to cover up too much to avoid getting too hot. So it is common to take your vehicle with light, very light shoes…

Barefoot, in flip-flops, in tap shoes, to each their own style… but behind the wheel it’s not so obvious.

The law is not pronounced precisely

The Highway Code does not specify the dress required for driving. However, in its article R412-6, it is stipulated that “every driver must be constantly in a condition and in a position to carry out conveniently and without delay all the maneuvers incumbent on him. His possibilities of movement and his field of vision must not be reduced by the number or position of passengers, by the objects carried or by the affixing of non-transparent objects to the windows”.

However, wearing open-toed shoes which can shift when braking or accelerating, get stuck in the pedal, can constitute a hindrance to smooth driving and thus prevent maneuvers from being carried out conveniently and without delay.

This behavior can therefore be dangerous in the eyes of the law even if it does not really stipulate it.

Subjectivity for law enforcement

As the legislation is not clear, it is up to the judgment of the police to assess whether driving with flip flops can be dangerous or not.

So if a driver is arrested with simple tap dancing, it is possible that he will be sanctioned.

Possible penalties

If the police or the gendarmerie consider that the driver is unable to carry out the necessary maneuvers because of his shoes or the absence of shoes, it is possible to be fined.

Indeed, the police have every right to fine the driver and even toimmobilize the vehicle.

The contravention – 2nd class – entails a fine of 35 euros, which can be reduced to 22 euros but which can also be increased to 75 euros. This fine cannot be challenged.

On the other hand, this offense cannot lead to the loss of points on the driving licence, as reported by a lawyer at Progrès.

And in terms of insurance

Attention, in the event of an accident if the incriminated driver does not have the adequate shoes, he can be judged as responsible.

This may be considered a security fault and the insurance may decide not to pay no compensation for material or bodily damage because of this fault. And this even for an all-risk contract…

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